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Friday, 24 November 2017

Meet Lola Odujinrin...

 So sad that once negative news surfaces about a Nigerian or a black man, the whole world will be ready for nothing less than a negative report, every media house will also want to make a great publicity out of it.

Lola Odujinrin posing in a plane cock pit before flight
Meet Lola Odujinrin a Nigerian British pilot who recently made history as the first  African pilot in history to fly solo around the world. On March 29th 2017 Lola Odujinrin 38, successfully  landed safely at Washington Dulles International Airport travelling through more than 25 countries and five continents a record breaking accomplishment that is very unusual for a black man probably the reason why this story has not gone fully global as one would imagine even not well heard of among the afro-Caribbean community in the UK where he lives with his family. Presently Lola  ranks as the 115th person in the world to complete the journey.

Captain Lola in the sky during the adventure
Captain Lola arriving at Washington DC Dulles airport on March 29th 2017

Lola which aim was to inspire young people to attain any goal or height in life regardless of their personal circumstances had the dream of flying since 15 and like every other person of african descend Lola at some point had to put his dream on hold to be able to handle the obstacles of trying to make a living. He had to work two jobs to finance his studies to become a qualified pilot which he secured the licence at age 20 by qualifying for his Private Pilot License (PPL) in just 19 days in April 1999.
Captain Lola and family

Lola is a  father to two lovely children, He is also a keen adventurer who says he sees any challenge as an opportunity and he his a lover of motorcycles, quad bikes, bicycles and boats but his greatest passion lies in the skies.

Captain lola with the Vice President of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo